2017-06-04  |  News

Faeta NG for Norway

Finally the weather conditions allowed to the new owner of the Faeta NG to overfly from our base at the airport in Nymburk to his home airport in Kristiansand in Norway. The Faeta NG fitted with Rotax 912iS and FITI EcoCompetition propeller can overfly the distance up to 2000 km without refuelling. You could see this Faeta NG at AERO 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Faeta NG

Its interier was customized the way so that the pilot, who is 195 cm tall, feels comfortable.

Faeta NG

The Faeta NG has to comply with requirements of norwegian authority on stall warning installation on its leading edge.

Faeta NG

Faeta NG

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