2018-09-27  |  News

New elegant "Easytow" in Denmark

Next towing ATEC 321 Faeta with elegant silver-black design was delivered to Denmark in the middle of September 2018. It is powered with Rotax 912 iS engine and Fiti electrical propeller adjustable in flight, especially designed for towing. The towed glider is monitored by the camera and displayed on the AvMap screen. The Faeta is certified for aerotow of gliders up to 750 kg.

This plane arrives to his new owner just in time on the day of his birthday.

Happy birthday, always blue sky and enjoy your flight!

vlekací Dánsko

vlekací Dánsko ocas

vlekací Dánsko interier

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2018-09-27 New elegant "Easytow" in Denmark

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