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Fashioned aerodynamic shape, high performance, low operating costs, easy control, manoeuvreability, high safety and long service lifetime are the qualities which put our aircraft on the top within the light aviation branch and will bring you the real joy.

High resistance in operation is proven by dozens of thousands flight hours in flight schools.

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Automatic trim, ergonomic steering, easy control even on flight limits – all these features provide you maximum comfort and safety on long trips and when carrying our steep manoeuvres.


All-carbon composite structure assures high strength, aerodynamic purity and low weight. Our own development, technology and know-how guarantee a high quality of material processing. We use the most advanced production methods and processing of composites.


Low-cost operation also with speed above 200 km/h is what we are focused on. A flight range of up to 2000 km makes the airplane be your partner on long trips. Low consumption and high speed enable safely reaching your destination via the best route.


Safety is our priority. The rescue system, rigid cockpit protecting the crew, excellent flight characteristics and reliability make our aircraft in the long term the safest in its category. The high strength of the construction is verified by many difficult tests.

ATEC v.o.s.

ATEC in numbers

Our full-carbon composite airplanes are individually customized. Since 1992, when the factory was established, we have produced hundreds of airplanes being operated worldwide. We believe that all pilots enjoy Atec airplanes, appreciate its flight characteristics, low-cost operation and mainly feel happy when flying with.

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