is a single-seater, cantilever low-wing aircraft of carbon composite construction. High volume of carbon together with honeycomb sandwich reinforcement provide a very low weight, but high structural strength. It’s aerodinamically pure design is derived from the design of well-proven ZEPHYR 2000 and ATEC 321 FAETA, especially the wings with SM 701 profile are shortened version of Faeta´s wings fitted with highly efficient slotted flaps. This exceptional airplane has no certification, therefore we offer it only in KIT version.

Basic characteristics


Wing span 7,48 m
Length 5,2 m
Height 1,55 m
Wing area 7,27 m2
Tail span 2,18 m
Min. empty weight (Rotax 582, central fuel tank) 200 kg
Max. take-off weight  300 kg
Fuel capacity (central tank/wingtanks) 1x 50 L / 2 x 35 L

Performance (ROTAX 912, 100 HP)

Cruising speed VC 260 km/h / 140 kt
Never exceed speed VNE 310 km/h / 167 kt
Stall speed (flaps extended) VS0 50 km/h / 27 kt
Stall speed (flaps retracted) VS1 70 km/h / 38 kt
Max. horizontal speed VH 290 km/h / 157 kt
Rate of climb 8,5 m/s / 1680 FPM
G-load limit +6 / -4
Flight range 900 km
Fuel consumption (140/180 km/h) 12 L/h

Technical details

Spacious monocoque fuselage is made of carbon composite, reinforced with carbon bars and honeycomb sandwich bulkheads. The aircraft can be equipped with the engine ROTAX 582 DCDI (65 HP) installed on the front fireproof bulkhead or with the 4-stroke ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP engine. The fuel tank capacity is 50L. Version with wing-tanks of total capacity 70L (2x35L) is also available. The dashboard can be equipped with a complete set of standard flight and engine monitoring instruments. Upholstered pilot seat is made of ergonomically shaped PU foam.



Tailplanes in classical arrangement are integral part of the fuselage. Its strong structure assures carbon composite sandwich with NOMEX honeycomb. The elevator is controlled by pushrods and can be electrically trimmed. The rudder is controlled by stainless steel wire ropes.

Trapezoidal wings with SM 701 profile are attached on the CrMo centrewing made of CrMo steel. Ailerons and flaps are controlled by pushrods. The flaps are electrically controlled from neutral to three next positions.



The landing gear is in classical configuration with steerable tail wheel. The main gear is designed as a pair of leaf composite springs. The size of the main gear wheels is 350 x 120 mm. The wheels are fitted with hydraulic brakes and are covered by aerodynamic spats.

By its performance, manoeuvrability and strength, the ATEC 212 SOLO is up over standard design requirements of its ultralight category.


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