Faeta reached its record-breaking altitude

One experienced French pilot reached the altitude of 20 375 ft (6 210 m.n.m.), with his Faeta fitted with Rotax 912 ULS engine and two-bladed Fiti EcoCompetition propeller. At such high altitude, it is needed to be equipped with an oxygen mask, which he surely had on board.

For the Faeta, climbing and cruising at 15 000 ft is not a problem. Then he continued climbing to the altitude of 16 000 ft by 3 m/s with the speed of 120 km/h (TAS 164 km/h). With a slower climbing of 2,5 m/s, it is possible to fly the speed of 140 km/h. Then, after exceeding 16 000 ft, it is better to slow down a bit.

The Faeta can climb quite easily up to the altitude of 18 000 ft. But, then you start to feel a slight loss of oxygen and so the engine power. To continue climbing up over 20 000 ft, a speed of approx. 110 km/h needs to be maintained.

At the altitude over 20 000 ft, the Faeta reached horizontal speed of 160 km/h (TAS 232 km/h) with 4 900 rpm. But, due to the thinner air at such a height, it was needed to use full throttle to get at least 40 - 50% performance of the engine.

However reached altitude of 20 375 ft was evidently not Faeta´s maximum service ceiling, the pilot preferred to descend to the altitude appropriate to the category of his aircraft.

During his 1h 24 min flight the Faeta consumed only 15 L despite of climbing at full throttle for the most of the time.

If you know about other records of Atec airplanes or if you have some interesting experience from flying with, let us know. We are glad to share your experience with you.

Published 30.04.2021