Fully equipped Faeta NG headed to Austria and we had followed it

Next Faeta NG was recently delivered to Austria. This time its design is made of combination of Atec colours. This airplane is fully equipped with the most advanced instruments. The drive unit is a Rotax 912 iS Sport together with el. adjustable Fiti propeller with constant speed control. The dashboard is fitted with two Garmin G3X Touch screens, completed with iPad, back-up artificial horizon G5, radio and transponder of the same brand. The safety is increased by FLARM system for traffic monitoring, stall speed warning indicator, ELT and the rescue system Magnum 601. Demisting fan, cockpit heating and heated seats are advantage for winter time in the Alps. In the small storage case installed on the central tunnel between the seats, you can find wireless charger for your cell phone or you can just use standardly installed USB connectors.


Faeta's home airport is in Niederöblarn, located in a picturesque alpine valley in the foothills of the Dachstein. At this airport, there are several Faetas based already, so this airplane is well known here. The owners of this newest one are our Austrian friends and representatives, to whom we went for a short visit with our two other Faetas NG. The pilots of one of them were our Norwegian friends and our trip thus became a small international fly-in of airplanes ATEC 321 Faeta NG.

The weather here is often unstable and windy. Flying among the Alpine giants requires the pilot to have a respect and a lot of experience. If you have this, your flight will bring you a joy and the landscape here will reward you with breathtaking panoramas. 

But don't worry! By our long-term experience the Faeta is proven that it can easily withstand variable and inclement alpine weather, therefore the crew can enjoy the flight. We are happy that also our Austrian and Norwegian friends can do so.

Published 03.08.2023