Operational precaution – fuel with bio additives

ATEC does not recommend the use of gasoline with a higher bio additives content than 5% in all Atec airplanes. Long-term use of gasoline with a higher content of bio additives may cause damage of the fuel tank structure, the fuel system and especially its rubber components.

We recommend to carefully check intactnes of the drain screw fitting mounting to the fuselage. Use a torque wrench to check the drain screw is properly tight to a check torque of 12 Nm (see the picture below). If the threaded fitting gets loose, its attachment must be professionally repaired before further use of the aircraft. This inspection applies to all models of Zephyr and Faeta having central tank in the fuselage. If you have wingtanks, the check is not required.

If a leak is observed in the area of the drain valve, replace the drain valve with the new one.  Wrap the screw thread by a teflon tape before installation.

If a leak is observed in the area of the fuel gauge, replace the gasket with the new one. Pay attention to tighten it equally all over its circumference to avoid its irregular squeezing.

Published 27.06.2023