Type certificate of the Faeta NG was extended by Rotax 914 UL

After appropriate load tests and flight tests were completed, the Type certificate of ATEC 321 Faeta NG was extended to include 914 UL version of Rotax engine. With this engine the Faeta NG is able to maintain perfect flight performance even at higher flight levels and makes pilots happy with its exceptional flight characteristics even at higher altitudes. With this 914 UL engine, three-blade adjustable Fiti propeller and at a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg, the climb rate is 6,4 m/s. At flight level FL95 it still climbs with 4.6 m/s. Cruising speed at FL95 reaches 259 km/h TAS. Actually, we offer the Faeta NG with Rotax engines version 912 ULS, 912 iS and newly also with 914 UL.

Published 14.11.2022